More than a Neighborhood

I suppose it’s time for a quarantine update for those readers who haven’t been to the island for a while. Life continues, with some modifications, including the ferry schedule. But the last few weeks have reminded me that our community is strong, and we look out for each other, even when we disagre

Some Quick Nature Videos

Like everyone else on the planet, we’re under a stay at home order here on the island. Luckily, we have a lot of open space for exercising and just watching nature. I’ve been working on trying to find something beautiful or interesting in the natural world every day, and working that into a 1-2 mi

The Sewee and Predecessors: the Earliest Inhabitants of Dewees

We usually begin our history of Dewees with the Sewee tribe, the group of native Americans who lived in the area when the Europeans arrived. The earliest human residents of the South Carolina coast probably arrived here 10,000 to 4000 years ago. As part of helping the Archives Committee with photo