Huyler House Suites get spruced up for owners and guests.

The suites at Huyler House are open again for owners, their guests, and lot owners using their “free nights” to enjoy the island before building. We’re so lucky to have the guest house available on the island: it makes it so none of us need to build extra rooms for those few nights when we have ev

Holidays close out 2020 in style!

It’s been a crazy year, 2020, and we were grateful for a chance to see socially distanced friends and family on the island this year. We put together a few videos and photos from Thanksgiving through New Year. For the first time, we had a turkey trot at Thanksgiving:And then we had a Birthday Parad

Local Gifts Worth Sharing

Not sure exactly how to approach this holiday season? Here are some ideas from local folks that might make the season brighter AND put a little good into the world. These are all companies we have experienced first-hand, and they share our love for our lowcountry natural resources. Whether you wan